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Here you can find a selection of testimonials from our clients across a variety of different conditions treated.

  • Sciatic Pain and Inflammation of the Toes

    I have been receiving acupuncture from Richard off and on for the last year. Firstly for sciatic pain and then for swelling and pain in my big toes. The sciatic pain cleared up reasonably quickly, to my great relief. The pain in my toes has been allieviated greatly facilitating walking, easing my pain and discomfort, with a noted improvement in my general wellbeing.

    Estelle Russell (SRN), Finchley

  • Low Immunity

    Since having regular treatments with Richard my immune system has been much stronger and I leave every session feeling calmer and energized. Richard is a caring and thoughtful therapist; he takes his time to diagnose what type of treatment you need so he is able to treat specific problems and work towards achieving positive results.

    Shereen Jackson - 18 April 2009

  • Various

    I've been treated by Richard on a number of occasions for different things - cold, toothache, back pains etc. He's treatments have worked wonders on me every time and I would really recommend him. He is the first person I would call when I'm in the need of a treatment.

    Anna Boberg

  • Kidney Pains

    I came to Richard Steven following several months of worrying kidney pain. I had visited my usual Western medical doctor on numerous occasions and had undergone a series of tests. My Doctor had repeatedly sent me away telling me that there was nothing wrong. But still I was experiencing daily pain and considerable distress over my problem.

    Richard began with an insightful consultation which led to a course of acupuncture sessions and critically, advice on my lifestyle. Following his recommendations I have not only made a full and quick recovery, but have also moderated the pressures of my previously overly-busy life and am now enjoying lots of other benefits to my health, mind and sense of well being. A fantastic change and I cant recommend him enough!

    Auro Foxcroft, Shoreditch.

  • Emotional Difficulties

    I came to Richard for treatment in order to help me deal with the loss of my partner and best friend. The grieving process of letting two significant people go was very challenging.

    For the period of approximately a year I had regular sessions that proved invaluable. His caring, professional approach and wonderful acupuncture and tuina massages really helped me through a very difficult time.

    I so appreciated Richard's therapeutic knowledge and the superb delivery of his treatments. Thank you very much for all your help. I'll be back! But this time under better circumstances.

    K.B., Belsize Park

  • Relief from Smoking Addiction

    I saw Richard Steven 10 months ago when I wanted to stop smoking and had six weekly sessions of acupuncture. I found the acupuncture helped to banish the tension and edginess that goes with quitting cigarettes after more than 20 years of smoking. Alongside that was his support and encouragement and I really felt he was with me every step of the way and that he understood exactly how I was feeling . As a result, stopping smoking was much easier than I'd expected - It is undoubtedly one of the best things anyone has helped me achieve and I feel that if I can do that, then anything is possible.

    Marianne, Hampstead

  • IVF Support

    I came to Richard because i was undertaking a second course of IVF treatment as a result of infertility. Richard treated me with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine over just a few sessions. My IVF treatment was successful and i went to have a further session for morning sickness and tiredness. Again, the acupuncture treatment was really beneficial and alleviated the symptoms. My son was born healthy and i am very grateful to Richard for the part that he played.

    Naomi, Stoke Newington

  • Painful Menstruation and Intermenstrual Bleeding

    I met Richard through a mutual friend when I was experiencing painful and worrying problems with my menstrual cycle. My doctor told me that the problems I was experiencing were hormonal and that other than going on the pill there was no way to help and I may even end up continuously bleeding. Not something I relished the thought of!

    Richard gave me some dietary advice and prescribed chinese herbs in capsule form (so without the bad taste!) and within the first cycle I noticed a marked difference. My pain has been reduced significantly so I'm almost completely off the prescription pain killer I was reluctantly taking and I also no longer experience the worrying intermittent bleeding.

    We're still working on it but the improvement has been amazing. Thank you Richard!

    Ellie, York

  • Polycytstic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Painful Menstruation

    In Nov 2006 I was diagnosed with Fibroids and PCOS after severe pain and missed periods. The pain became so bad that by March 2007 I was bedridden during my period for 4 days and couldn't eat without pain or walk without assistance. This continued during March culminating in 5, further days off work with similar pain. Having had enough of the painkillers and with 4 months to wait until my appt with an NHS specialist, I decided to try acupuncture. I can only describe this decision as one of the best i have ever made.

    During the 2 months Richard has been treating me I have gone from unbearable pain, to the other extreme. I now only have the obvious sign of menstruation, with no cramping or swelling and have been able to function normally and eat during this time.

    I would highly recommend Richard to anyone seeking an alternative to the limitations of Western Medicine. As a practitioner he is both professional and intuitive, always seeking the underlying cause whilst treating the obvious symptoms. Can't thank him enough!

    I.B., Stoke Newington

  • Polymorphic Light Eruption

    I made my first acupuncture appoint as a final attempt to deal with a skin condition which the medical profession had diagnosed as Polymorphic Light Eruption (basically an allergic reaction to sunlight where a rash appears). The problem started approx 8 years ago and the rash mainly flared up on holidays but was now beginning to flare up on sunny days in the UK. The rash was unbearable, itchy, hot and generally made me feel miserable, not that I wanted to sunbathe but I wanted to at least play at the beach with my kids without trying to take cover in the shady areas! After trying numerous remedies I decided to give acupuncture a go and visited Richard for my first session. The whole experience was very relaxing & considerably normal to what I imagined. Richard treated me with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine over 4 weekly sessions. I felt amazing from the sessions and the final test came when I ventured to Portugal and there was no sign whatsoever of any rash. I can't thank Richard enough for his professional help and if you have any doubt then please think again and give it a go it. I'm glad I did!

    B - Stoke Newington