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How We Treat

We provide high-quality, affordable treatments in a quiet, common space. Patients are treated individually on comfortable treatment couches and usually rest anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

In addition to the ear and scalp, most of the acupuncture points we use are located between the elbows and wrists and knees and ankles. We also use points on the back and stomach. You will not need to undress but we ask that you wear very loose, comfortable clothes to give us easy access to these areas.

Health conditions are as diverse as the people who have them. New or acute conditions are likely to resolve more quickly, while chronic problems that have been with you for several months, or even years, will require longer treatment plans in order for them to resolve. In some cases, a condition may never go away entirely, but regular acupuncture can certainly help you manage the symptoms in a safe and gentle way.

Acupuncture is a process and best used frequently for greatest effect. Your acupuncturist will recommend a series of treatments based on their experience with your condition and how well you respond at each visit. Our sliding scale €20-€45 is part of our commitment to you and your health. We want you to get better and have made it affordable for you to do so!