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Common Questions

Below you will find a series of common questions that people have asked us over the years.
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Acupressure Massage (Tuina)

IVF Support

The decision to embark on a cycle of IVF or other Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) therapies like Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is not an easy decision for any couple. It will often follow a long history of failed attempts and disappointment leading to feelings frustration, anger and grief. Couples may become depressed and anxious, and terrible strain can be put on their relationships.

The IVF process in particular can be very stressful to undergo, with an intense drug regime and frequent trips to the fertility clinic for scans, egg collections and embryo transfers. On top of this, the success rate of IVF therapy can be up to 35% (which varies from clinic to clinic), so there is a chance that after all this effort, the treatment will not be successful.

Given this discomfiting background, couples will undergo IVF feeling that if there is any chance of conceiving whatsoever, that it must be explored or they will not find peace, with the knowledge that many healthy children are conceived using ART therapies. If nothing is successful and other alternatives like adoption are to be considered, then at least they can feel that they tried their very best to do everything possible and can accept this.

Female Subfertility